Sunday, March 27, 2011

Those hands..

Snuggling on the couch, Eva in the middle, reaching out to lay her hand on top of ours as we watch Baby Einstein together,

Cozying up in our favorite chair, holding Lilly (the Lamb), while we read a favorite board book,

Picking up strawberries to feed that dimpled smile,
Learning to roll the ball,
Pointing with the hope of touching, 
Rubbing those sleepy brown eyes,
Reaching up to be held...

Cute little hands and sweet little fingers learning to explore.  

In the 4 months that we have been together, while Eva Monet discovers new and exciting things,  we have found the joy in sharing magical moments with this loving little girl.  Through her, God reminds us of the richness that the simple moments in life bring.  

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March 12, 2010: 15 months old

Eva Monet turned 15 months today...  

We've shared almost 4 of those 15 months together as a family.  It's been so rewarding to simply be together, in addition to experiencing the development that Eva has had during these initial weeks at home.  She couldn't really sit up on her own when we first met in China.  Learning to clap, play peek-a-boo and understand the basic mechanics of using a spoon have been celebrated events in the Baltes' Home.  Within the past weeks she has finally mastered the FORWARD crawl in addition to her backward moves.  Eva hasn't stopped since.  Poor Max. 

The strongest development that has taken place is the attachment between the 3 of us.  We have been very intentional about focusing our time together as a family.  We want there to be no doubt in Eva's mind and spirit that we are the people that will be caring for her needs, she is safe with us, and has our unconditional love.   We think she's getting the picture.  Recently she has taken to copying us by picking up all her stuffed animals and giving them a kissing smooch (with a little "smack" sound with her lips) and then turning to look at us for our reaction and flashing us a big smile.  Funny, funny girl.  It's very, very sweet and a real encouragement to David and me that she is recognizing the joy in sharing connection and affection.

Eva Monet has also just pushed through 3 new teeth for a total of 7.  So, yes, we've had some sleepless nights and a few tearful days, but that's to be expected.  Even these times help produce even stronger bonds as  we work through tough times together.  Truly, neither David and I can imagine life without this precious little girl. 

On Thursday Evening, we were asked by our agency, America World Adoption Association, to share our story to some prospective adoptive parents.  It was a really good evening and allowed us to express our passion for this worthwhile cause.  It's interesting to meet people, hear their story, and where they're at on their life journey.  We understand some of the questions and recognize the unknowns that many are currently dealing with as they search to find out what is right for their family.  No matter what, I do believe, adoption - domestic or international - should be an option that is seriously considered.  I applaud those in attendance for doing their research and seeking to get the facts vs many of the myths that circulate out there.  I will be praying for these families and the children that wait with the hope of some day being joined with their 'Forever Families'.  It's life changing for everyone involved.