Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Guangzhou.... Smiles and Giggles

Eva's little personality is coming out more each day.  We are finding that she is becoming more comfortable with us and her environment.  Sitting on the bed playing with her toys is her new found joy.  David is a big ham and keeps her intrigued.  It is quite fun to watch the 2 of them interact.   I feel very blessed to have him as her Daddy and my Husband.

Little Miss Eva Monet, she is so very sweet...

We have met some wonderful people with a similar heart for adoption.  It's been very special.  We are so grateful to have traveled this trip with them.  We feel a connection with them and are so blessed by their stories.  

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 10 & 11: Guangzhou


Eva passed her medical exams with flying colors with all 3 Chinese doctors.  They were quick and efficient, which was good since the medical clinic filled up with many waiting families.  It was total chaos!  Thankfully our guides from AWAA are very experienced and knew to go early.  We were the first group to arrive.

Guangzhou is a beautiful modern city in south China.  It is also the location for the US Consulate, so all US adoptions are processed here.  Bad News:  More Paperwork!  Good News:  It’s a great place to spend some time while waiting for Eva’s US Passport and the final stage in the on-site adoption process. 


Today was a beautiful day to enjoy the outdoors.  We visited shops located around the White Swan Hotel and enjoyed interacting with the people, shopping, and eating outside.  Eva demonstrates a real love for the outdoors and seemed perfectly content to be carried all around by her Daddy.   It was a special day as everyone around seemed to be soaking up the sunshine.

Eva continues to get to know us.  We are having a lot of fun together, but continue to need more sleep as she wakes up throughout the night and during naptime.  We are definitely tired.  Treva is fighting a cold and not feeling her best, but all in all, we are well and deeply grateful for this sweet baby girl.  Thank you for your prayers on our behalf and the supportive emails, FB posts, etc.    We hope you enjoy today’s photos. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Donation Day & Departure to Guangzhou

Donation Day:

On this Thanksgiving weekend it seems only appropriate that we would give back to those who are less fortunate than we are.  A huge thank you to each of my colleague's at Lowe's Corporate HQ who gave towards the Poyang Social Welfare Institute.  The donation you gave at Eva Monet's Baby Shower went towards buying a case of baby formula, something that the director said they could use to care for the babies.  

Departure for Guangzhou

Yesterday we landed in Guangzhou to begin the final phase of our paperwork process and to prepare for our US Consulate appointment.   Everywhere we go people are watching.  Many smiles and questions about or babies.

  Eva has been a sweet little gem.  The week has been a bit of a blur filled with smiles, giggles, and several tears.  We could all use a bit more sleep though I must say Eva has done very well considering her sleeping conditions have changed so dramatically.   She has shown tremendous capacity to adapt to this new life that she has been given.  It's been wonderful how she's been willing to go to both of us so easily; a huge answer to prayer.  She loves being held and does not like it if we put her down for even a moment.  Her attachment is essential so we welcome her expressions of preferring us over everything else...except probably her bottle and whatever food we happen to be eating.   Changing clothes and diapers are another story...   : ) 

More to come as we enjoy this exceptional city in the southern part of China.  The Asian Games are ending and we are enjoying the beauty of this city.  It's stunning with fresh flowers and lush greenery everywhere.  Current temperatures in the 70's.  


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

As Eva winds down for the day, playing with David and her tub toys on the bed, we wanted to pause and wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving.  Today has been a very special day filled with the sights, sounds, and smells of Nanchang, China.  It's a Thanksgiving we will never forget.  

After touring a porcelain shop, which Jiangxi Province is famous for, we had the privilege of traveling outside of the city into a nearby village.   Approximately 1,000 people live here and many will commute to Nanchang for work.  We met several people and were struck by their welcoming attitude, inviting us into their homes and sharing some of their life.   I hope, as you consider all that you are thankful for this holiday season, you will remember those in other parts of the world.  No matter what language we speak or place we call home, we are all people, sharing the same basic needs, created in the image of a loving God.  

Much Love,  David, Treva, & Eva Monet

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meeting Eva - November 22, 2010

Early morning wake-up call!  4:15 and we were out the door and on the bus by 5:30 AM for a flight from Beijing to Jiangxi Province.  After a extended delay, we were more than ready to meet our babies.  David is glowing with excitement...  : )

 (BJ & April join us and 7 other families to meet our babies who are all from the same home.)

(And we're still not sure if this is really happening...)

   10:45 AM and we land in Nanchang.  We board a bus for a 45 minute ride and are told that we will go straight to the hotel where the babies are ALREADY waiting!   No unpacking, going to the room, freshening up or even brushing our teeth.  They weren't kidding when they said to be ready for anything,  because the schedule is "flexible."

So we arrive at the Galactic Peace Hotel and go straight to the 3rd floor.  As we exit the elevator and come up the stairs we can already hear them.  Guess which family is called first of the nine?  Bags and coats are tossed aside as we all search for the cameras.  This is all happening too fast... and then there she is.  Treva is crying, David is filming and Eva is just looking at us with her big brown eyes.  Then more families are called and there are LOTS of crying babies.

(Moments after Eva and Momma meet.)

(The first of many bottles to come.)

(It's already been a long day...)

     (Meeting one of the Poyang Children's Home Directors)

(The Official Paperwork for today)

(Civil Affairs Offices)

(Resting with Daddy)