Saturday, November 27, 2010

Donation Day & Departure to Guangzhou

Donation Day:

On this Thanksgiving weekend it seems only appropriate that we would give back to those who are less fortunate than we are.  A huge thank you to each of my colleague's at Lowe's Corporate HQ who gave towards the Poyang Social Welfare Institute.  The donation you gave at Eva Monet's Baby Shower went towards buying a case of baby formula, something that the director said they could use to care for the babies.  

Departure for Guangzhou

Yesterday we landed in Guangzhou to begin the final phase of our paperwork process and to prepare for our US Consulate appointment.   Everywhere we go people are watching.  Many smiles and questions about or babies.

  Eva has been a sweet little gem.  The week has been a bit of a blur filled with smiles, giggles, and several tears.  We could all use a bit more sleep though I must say Eva has done very well considering her sleeping conditions have changed so dramatically.   She has shown tremendous capacity to adapt to this new life that she has been given.  It's been wonderful how she's been willing to go to both of us so easily; a huge answer to prayer.  She loves being held and does not like it if we put her down for even a moment.  Her attachment is essential so we welcome her expressions of preferring us over everything else...except probably her bottle and whatever food we happen to be eating.   Changing clothes and diapers are another story...   : ) 

More to come as we enjoy this exceptional city in the southern part of China.  The Asian Games are ending and we are enjoying the beauty of this city.  It's stunning with fresh flowers and lush greenery everywhere.  Current temperatures in the 70's.  



  1. Very good news - thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures and bits about what life is like with Eva. So good to hear that she enjoys having each of you hold her and seems to be adapting well to so many changes.
    Love you guys!

  2. Wow. Beautiful- the whole lot of you :). Thankful. Amazed. Enjoy.
    Love to you.
    Christine and Joel

  3. I can't stop crying actual tears of joy! So happy for all of you. God's blessings are so much more than we think they will be. Can't wait to hear of the next adventures you will share. Enjoy EVERY minute of these early days.
    Love you so!
    Janelle and Mike

  4. LOVE that last photo. LOVE. IT. We're so glad to hear that she is content with both of you. What a blessed little girl! :) Love, Erin (& Vino)

  5. I am so glad that the money could be put to good use! I am so glad that Eva is adjust well and that she doesn't want to be put down. She loves the both of you! I do love the last picture! I look forward to reading your blog! See you soon!

  6. This is so exciting! Seeing you guys with your daughter (our great-niece!!!!!) brings tears to my eyes every time I look at more of what you are doing together. WOW!!!! PTL! Have fun!!!! We are happy for you!!!! LOVE, ABS and UB

  7. What a blessing that the money could be used for taking care of more babies!!!!! And I love the pics - she's just so gorgeous.

    Keep on with the hugging and kissing and cuddling - it's good medicine for you all. And all the eyes watching you everywhere? Your very presence there is testament to those watching - the love of the Lord is a witness to them all, no matter where your feet step!!!!