Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Care Package for Eva and her Care Givers

We wanted to thank the care givers for what they've done to watch over Jiawan these many months.  We had a letter translated and sent it along with a care package through a service provider called Red Thread China.  Ann, from Red Thread, does a wonderful job of hand picking out your gifts and expediting the packages. She's been exceptional to work with in this process.  We also sent a disposable camera and asked if they would take photographs of Jiawan, the surroundings, and the people who have invested in her well being since birth. As Eva Monet grows up we want her to know where she was born and do our best to capture her early beginnings; even if we weren't there.   We are praying that this camera comes along with Eva, filled with pictures to be developed the day we meet her.

Translated Letter To Care Givers, Camera, & Photo of Jiawan
Care Package for Eva & Sweets for the Care Givers


  1. We also sent a small photo album with pictures of our family and pet. I found Chinese characters to place on each picture saying "This is your mommy," "This is your big brother" etc. I believe her foster mother kept that photo album, but they sent us one with the disposable camera pictures they had taken. Each picture is priceless!

  2. I loved being able to do that for our Li'l Empress. We got ALL of it back, and she still loves looking at her little book. They wrote the characters on it for the foster family and I think that they must have read it to her often - she was so familiar with the Chinese words and the English words too. Incidentally, I made a similar book for her when she went to pre-school, to pull out when she was feeling anxious. She loves that book too :)