Saturday, November 20, 2010

Beijing - The Imperial City: Day 1

Saturday was a tour of the Heart of Beijing with 12 other families from our adoption agency.   Tian'anmen Square lies at the exact center of Beijing.  It's the world's largest public square.  Just steps away is the Forbidden City, former home to Emperors.  The Royal Garden was my favorite spot: peacefully stunning.

We enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant and headed to the pearl market and silk factory.  Very interesting. 

The day ended with a brief visit to the Summer Palace, a beautiful refuge for the Emperor and his court during the oppressive heat of the summer months.  It was enlightening to hear that 100,000 workers used wooden carts to fill the man-made lake.  How nice that everyone can now enjoy this beautiful area.

The Forbidden City

The Summer Palace


  1. Wow - it looks AMAZING! Can't wait to hear details at some point. I've read about the city and have seen that movie on it so that's awesome that you actually get to stand there and experience its gandeur.
    Getting closer... I see you've got your keens on , T. :) Very good.
    luvuguys, L&M

  2. I thought it was remarkable that those living within the Forbidden City were never allowed to leave, unless they were among a very small group selected to visit the Summer Palace. Wasn't the marble boat beautiful? I thought the Summer Palace was so relaxing, and yet I marveled that the lake was man made.

    Did you buy anything at the Pearl Market? I am absolutely LOVING your blog! When do you get your daughter?

    Do you remember the name of the tour guide you had today? Our's was a young woman named "Shiny" (closest pronunciation). She wove China's history into a fantastic story as we toured. So interesting and informative.

    You will have to read a book called "Wild Swans" when you return and get settled. It is considered to be one of the richest pieces of literature to show China from the inside during the rise of Communism and the Cultural Revolution. I love learning as much as I can to share with Rachel XingQing someday.

    Lots of love!


  3. @ Sheila, thanks for the book tip. We've been home with our girl two years and I'm so loving the chances to read good books like the one you mentioned. I'll be sure to look for it.

    Did you guys get to walk the path under all those hand-painted tiles and scenes? Thousands of them, each meticulously depicting a different scene and just as meticulously restored over the years. And the silk markets? Such attention to detail and craftsmanship? It's so humbling to see the dedication to their old-world workmanship.... I also loved the jade markets.

    Can't wait for the next post :) Oh, Happy Day!!!!