Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beijing - The Imperial City: Day 3 (11-21-10)

Let's back-up for just a quick moment so we can show you the majesty of the Great Wall.

Long known as a symbol of China, we found climbing up the Great Wall like stepping into history.  It was beyond what we anticipated!   Spanning a total of 4,500 hundred miles from the Pacific Ocean to the Gobi Desert, it's scale is hard to comprehend.  Just climbing the steep ascent, with its uneven steps, was quite a workout, I can't imagine building it across mountainous terrain.

If you ever come for a visit with someone who is the love of your life, plan to bring a study pad lock to leave behind.  Couples inscribe the date of their wedding and deposit the locks as a symbol of their eternal love at the entrance to one gate.  Can you find ours?  : )


  1. All I can say is........"God is so good!" Tears of joy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. They do the locks in Lithuania and other countries here too. I heard they are going to start cutting them off though because with all the rain they rust and are damaging the bridges. Oh is definitely a fun idea while it lasts :) Have a super time! We are praying for you! Love, A. Bette Sue