Sunday, August 14, 2011

20 months and counting...

So... It's been a few months since I've put up a post.  3 months to be exact.  In the world of bloggers, I am a novice at best.  I mean you do have to actually blog to be called a blogger, right?  Well, I've had some emails/calls asking for an update on family and life with Eva Monet.  So with the press of a button and a few clicks of the mouse, I'm finally ready to go.

Here's a little taste of life these past few months:

This past Friday, August 12th, marked 20 months of age for our little Miss E.   We celebrated with some dancing in Eva's very first TuTu,  thanks to our very dear friends, 'Auntie' Susan, and daughters, Leah and Hannah.  Also joining in the fun was Baby Jiawan, another special gift from the Near Family.  It was very sweet.  Like many children, Eva loves music.  It's a joy to dance with her and experience the laughter and giggles.  I enjoy watching how she responds to the music.  

Take a listen to our favorite song of the day called 'I Belong' and view it through the lens of another dancer:  So inspiring.  The song is beautifully written by Kathryn Scott.   The core of the message is a good reminder to all of us that nothing can separate us from Christ's Great Love.  Something that I pray over Eva regularly.  That she will grow into and gain a clear understanding of what it means to experience a personal relationship with her Creator.


In June & July we had some very special friends or family come for a visit almost every weekend.     A lot of laugher and fun and great conversation.  
It was a huge highlight of our summer. 

Sharing between friends.

Eva's been working on her walking or her Linebacker pose.  We're not quite sure which...  But we're proud of her just the same.

We've been so encouraged by her development.  In eight months we've seen her sit up on her own, crawl, walk, laugh, show us where her eyes, nose, mouth, ears, foot, hands, fingers and toes are.  We've enjoyed hearing her sweet little voice begin using words and to express Mama, Babba, Baby, Ball and a wide range of animal noises.   

One of the most tender moments in the last few days is when I was holding her at bedtime.  I begin giving her kisses and she started to giggle.   So I kept giving her kisses.  When I finally stopped she continued to laugh and signed the word 'MORE'.  So I gave her more kisses.  Every time I would stop, she would sign 'MORE'.  When I left the room that night I can tell you that my daughter gave me one of the greatest gifts I have ever received.  Without question, Eva Monet is the most wonderful blessing David and I have ever received.  We give God all thanks and honor for joining us together.   There are really no words to describe the depth of our love or gratefulness in our hearts.  

Pure love.