Tuesday, February 22, 2011

3 Months & Counting...

Today marks 3 months since David and I first met Eva Monet.  At some point I hope to upload the video and share those first few moments, frozen in time and forever locked in my mind.  Surreal...   Having said that,  I couldn't let this day pass without posting something to the blog.  After so many years, a long awaited dream has come true.  And as hopeful and filled with anticipation as I was, I never truly imagined just how much this precious child would reach in and fill my heart.   God's goodness.

November 22, 2010


  1. Time Flies when your having fun! Eva is the luckiest little girl in the world!

  2. I have followed your journey for all of these years, praying and waiting, not always so patiently, for you to finally realize the special moment where you would meet your dear child for the first time. As any new mother would say, it is a blessed time, a beginning to what is going to be a journey filled with bumps, bruises, laughter and tears. You and David have been forever blessed by this beautiful child! I hope someday to meet your beautiful Eva to feel her warmth that I see in each picture. She truly is a gift and you two are going to give her the most incredible life. I know your mom and dad are with you all every step of the way and are grinning their wonderful grins to see their newest family member making this world a brighter place. Treva, your mom and dad were the best neighbors and friends anyone could ask for. You and Shelly have always been beautiful, inside and out, in everything you do. Truly inspirational! I feel the love and peace that you must feel when I look at your sweet little Eva! It is a beautiful piece of heaven - your life! Love and Hugs - Cathy Hannahs-Bau