Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sweet Reunion: Atlanta Style

A few weeks ago, David, Eva Monet and I had the opportunity to reconnect with several families who also adopted children from China.  Our daughters began their lives at the same Institute and share a special connection.   It was truly amazing to see how the girls had grown and developed since our Thanksgiving Trip together just last year.  There was no question that the families had all formed strong attachments to one another and the girls were blossoming.  What a joy to see!

Enjoy a few photos from our time in Atlanta.  These first few were taken just outside of the Atlanta Aquarium.   It was our first time visiting and Eva Monet had great fun discovering the many creatures that live in and around the water.   Experiencing life through the eyes of your child is the best!  

Okay...  On three!  One...  Two...
Three!   Say Cheese!

Our Sweetie Pies.

Fun to be together again!


Big Sisters.  Beauty from the inside out.

Fellow Mama's! 

Beluga Whales:  Here they come!   Here they come!

Look, Eva, it's a shark!

 So close, Daddy...   I can almost touch them!

Play time at the Westin.  :)

Look what Daddy built! 
I'll trade you a green for an orange...


Did you see those Beluga Whales, Sophie?  They were thiiiiiiissss BIG!!

Great memories!  We are already making plans for our next get together.  FUN!

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  1. What precious the video!!! Looks like an extra-special time together. Thanks so much for sharing :) Love to you three.