Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eva's Furry Friends

Max the Cat

We were a little unsure how Maxwell, our cat, and Eva would get along.  On their first meeting both were curious, but showing no real signs that this was love at first site....


Our 1st Play Date:  Learning to Share

Why does she get all the presents when I'm just as cute?

 Max & Eva are showing great signs of becoming lifelong friends.
Max has been a little worn out lately, however, from all the extra excitement around the house.
Poor Maxwell.

Best Bud's

Eva's best bud is Violet and was a gift from Sally, my sister's co-worker.  Violet sings and speaks and even makes up silly songs with Eva's name.  Violet enjoys riding in the car with Eva too which makes any trip more enjoyable.  Thank you, Violet.  

Look, Violet!  We match!!
Hey, Eva, do you want to play a game?
Your move, Eva.
Eva and Violet laughing it up together.

Sorry, Daddy, Violet's being a little camera shy today.


Eva received an adorable Make A Wish Bear for Christmas from our friends, Hilary & Les.  She's quite fascinated by the bear and especially his glasses.  We call him Teddy.


  1. Thanks Latrice! She's a real sweetie pie.

    I hope you and your family are well. I heard something that you and Reuben were expecting again... Did you have another baby? Did I miss that on FB? (I'm not on very much these days.) If so, I'm sorry for not extending my congratulations to you. Please know that I wish you God's richest blessings.

  2. I wondered how Max was doing. Miss the cutie pie. Turner is pretty fascinated with Coen. The other two pretty much stay hidden but Kali came over and sniffed his play mat the other day. It'll be interesting when Coen starts walking and chasing the cats! Does Eva do that to Max yet?