Sunday, December 5, 2010

4 Days in Hong Kong & Headed Home!

We have shared an amazing 4 days in beautiful Hong Kong!  Love being here!  The 3 of us have spent time together as a family.   I look forward to posting more pictures once we return to the states.  A special highlight was meeting my work colleagues based out of HKO.  We are preparing for a long journey home and are ready to be back in North Carolina, sleeping in our own bed though we leave a part of our hearts in China.

Please pray for us as we travel.  We are returning to the states with Upper Respiratory issues.  Eva Monet is doing well though we have all gotten sick.   In spite of this, each day seems to bond us together more and more and we are seeing the attachment begin.  There have been several occasions, whether during a taxi or bus ride, or while we are visiting a museum or other sight, when I look down into her face to see that she is staring at me.  Our eyes lock and she seems intent on studying my face.   Those deep brown eyes seem just as curious about me as my blue eyes must appear staring back at her.  These moments are magical.  I can not explain them though I am sure it is what every parent in love must experience with their child.  David and I feel so blessed as she lets us kiss and hug on her.  We are nose-to-nose with her and enjoying tickles and giggles on a daily basis.  Tomorrow will mark 2 weeks since we've be joined together.  We are so thankful that the Lord has blessed this time with such remarkable connection so quickly.  

During the busyness of the holiday season, thank you for taking time to read this blog and send comments via the internet.  We understand many of you have had difficulty with the blog and your responses have not posted.  Thank you for sending messages via other avenues and for your encouragement.  We are happy you have found it uplifting.  We love you and are grateful for the blessing of your love and prayers on our behalf.

See Ya' All in the States!!!


  1. Mmmmmm, Sketti :) Looks like a great time in Hong Kong... What a treat to meet your co-workers and share this journey with them. So happy to hear that the bonding is going well. LOVED those early days of studying each other :) Have a safe, happy flight - our prayers will certainly be with you for improved health and a peaceful baby.

  2. Praying for a nice trip home for you guys and that you can all get some good rest & recuperate!

  3. Praying that you return safely! Please Please let me know if you need help while you recuperate and settle in. I am always available! I can't wait to meet Eva!

  4. Praying a safe trip home for you all and a speedy recovery!!! It was such a pleasure to get to know all 3 of you!!!!

  5. Praying you will have a safe trip home and be feeling better quickly!!!!! Wow, Eva is coming home!!!!!! We won't get to meet her for awhile but it is just so wonderful to know that she is joining our family. What a blessing! You guys are great parents already!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing all this with us!

    Love you, ABS and UB