Thursday, December 9, 2010

Home, Home, Home SWEET Home: 1st Stop Newark

Monday:  12-6-10

Over 9,000 miles and more than a day later, we arrived in Newark, NJ and then finally on to Charlotte, NC where we landed around 8 PM on 12-6-10.

Eva did really well on the flight...especially considering she was confined to such a small space for such an extended period of time.   She wasn't too fond of the bassinet since it restricted her movements, as well, but we were able to get her a little bit of rest.   David and I were not so fortunate.

We arrived in NJ feeling quite wiped having not really slept for 24 Hrs + and still feeling sick.  One of life's best medicines, however, is sharing time with friends.  We were fortunate to reconnect with special Philly friends/one of David's former pastoral work colleagues during our layover in Newark.  You can always count on great laughs and encouragement from Tim & Donna.  Eva took to both of them right away.  You can also tell from the photos that's she's also had just about enough of the traveling for the time being...

In addition to seeing friends, Newark held great significance for our family.  As soon as wheels touched the ground, Eva Monet Jiawan Baltes offically became a US citizen!!   When we hold her Republic of China Passport it's all still very surreal.


  1. Woohoo!! I am so relieved you made it home with little to no complications!
    How is the jet lag? ;) Give Eva a welcome home kiss for us!
    The Wininghams

  2. Oh, isn't landing in Newark the BEST feeling. HOME, citizenship, plain English, all of it. It is so exciting to see you on home turf :) Glad you are settling in!