Friday, December 3, 2010

Guangzhou: Oath Ceremony + Tallest Building in the World 11-29-10


We're a bit behind in postings due to our schedule, lack of internet, and some minor illness.  We've all been a little under the weather.   The good news is that we have completed our Oath Ceremony at the US Consulate.    Unfortunately cameras are not allowed and therefore we are are unable to post photos of this momentous occasion.  And, quite honestly, it was hours of waiting in a room full of people including some crying babies and tired children.  Not the Norman Rockwell scene I had painted in my mind.   But, no matter, the important thing is that Eva Monet Jiawan Baltes is our's and we are her's!!

Getting ready for the Big Day, but first Snack Time!

Eva's requesting we stop taking so many pictures.  Just one more.  Please...

Following our Oath Ceremony, we toured parts of the new development of Guangzhou.  The buildings are AMAZING!  We saw what we are told is now the tallest building in the world.  IMPRESSIVE!

We also saw buildings used in the Asian Games that were coming to an end while we were in the city.  Enjoy the photos!


  1. I am giggling as I remember the "reality" of the oath ceremony! No pictures needed ;) Guangzhou looks so different from 4 short years ago - thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures! You are probably getting ready for the BIG flight home - pack LOTS of diapers and extra clothes for Eva:)
    God bless you three, we will be praying for safe, quiet, and calm travels.
    The Wininghams

  2. Love it! What a fun opportunity to see the city.

    I'm with the Wininghams - the oath ceremony was so.... unceremonious :) But I still got teary eyed and emotional when the consulate rep spoke to us and when we passed by the flag, with Aidan a full WHITNEY and well on her way to becoming a US citizen. Unceremonious or not, there's not much else that matched that awesome moment :)

    Travel safely home, we'll pray for a sleepy, content baby :)

  3. Congratulations! Another Baltes baby!!!!!! PTL!

  4. Oh I loved the last few postings. Sorry you were sick! So beautiful all those little babies and so cute the words you put too it.

    Hope you are home! We are excited to meet her. Big changes for you all but wonderful! God is good. Aunt Linda